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AM 2020 will be held in Wuhan, China

time:2019-07-16 source:未知 click: second
2020 China International Additive Manufacturing Technology Forum and Exhibition will be held soon!

This event is organized by the Government of Wuhan City, Hubei 3D Printing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and Watsonun Expo. It will be held in Wuhan·China Optics Valley Convention & Exhibition Center, May 7-9th.
In December of 2017, MIIT, NDRC and another 12 departments of China drew up <Action Plan for the Development of Additive Manufacturing Industry(2017-2020)>, China hope to promote the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry through the combination of 3D printing technology and traditional manufacturing industry. Local governments set up more than twenty 3D printing industry alliances and industrial bases to accelerate the implementation of the plan for additive manufacturing industry.
Although China's 3D printing industry has made great progress, it still lags far behind developed countries, key equipment and core components are heavily dependent on imports. At present, China's 3D printing has not yet appeared large-scale market applications, 3D printing market is expected to have a critical breakthrough in the future years.
Under this background, the 3D Printing Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of Hubei Province will jointly organize China International Additive Manufacturing Forum and Exhibition with Hubei Laser Industry Association, Hubei Digital Medical Association, Sichuan Additive Manufacturing Technology Association and Chongqing Additive Manufacturing Industry Association. More than 200 companies involved in 3D Printer, materials, software, aerospace, automobile and medical field will join in this industry event. We look forward to your participation in this event together, build your global network!
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