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China (Wuhan) HAND TOOLS & FASTENER EXPO 2020 
Date: May 7-9
Venue: Wuhan International Expo Center

The Wuhan International Hardware Tools and Fasteners Industry Expo 2020 (HTFE), jointly hosted by Hubei Machinery Industry Association, Hunan Machinery Industry Association and Wuhan Watsonun Exhibition Co., Ltd., will take place 2020 from May 7th, 9th at Wuhan International Expo Center. Based on the Mid-China manufacturing market, 
With a new 'Tools for industry' theme, the event will focus on the need for quality, special and high-end Hand Tools, Power Tools, Fasteners and Specialty Tools by Industry sectors, such as:
- Aviation, Construction & Infrastructure
- Woodworking & Furniture
- Gardening & Horticulture
- Automobile & Auto Service
- Heavy Engineering