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People’s Government of Wuhan City
Hubei Machinery Industry Association
Hunan Machinery Industry Association
Wuhan Watsonun Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Watsonun Exhibition position itself as a professional, future-oriented and international exhibition company, relying on the policy of China government's silk road economic belt and the Yangtze river economic belt, and is based on the largest city Wuhan in central China. Watsonun Exhibition always adheres to the conception of "internationa-lization, specialization, marketization",and focus on organize the top exhibitions and conferences to serve automotive, electronics, energy, chemicals, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, materials and other industrial fields.Through the integration of domestic and international professional resources, using geographical advantages, Watsonun Exhibition organizes plentiful and professional show events to provide excellent opportunities for business interaction, industry insight sharing, business development and personal career development. As a new type of open enterprise, Watsonun Exhibition has been pursuing the principle of "openness, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation". The company has always believed that "Cooperation creates the value", which is based on mutual complementarity and win-win business cooperation, can bring both sides Lucrative returns.Watson as a group of exhibition companies in Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan and other places,sets the Wuhan as the headquarters.