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Exhibition consultation:
Mr.Brian BAO
86-027 8421 8632
Exhibition consultation:
Mr. Edwin Qi
86-027- 8421 8662
QQ: 3368281709

Why Exhibit

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Why Exhibit

Reasons to Attend:
The show has been endorsed by more than 30 reputable publications and long-standing fastener associations
Our comprehensive conference program will help grow and strengthen your business
Opportunity to build new relationships, network with your peers, industry leaders, and business partners
Meet with your current suppliers and meet new ones
Find new products
Learn the latest technologies being used in the fastener industry
Who Should Attend:
Fastener Distributors
Fastener Importers
Master Distributors of Fasteners
Distributors and Master Distributors of Related Industry Products (machinery, tooling, software, packaging, safety, production, aerospace, MRO, construction, precision formed parts, VMI, military, installation tools)
Independent Sales Rep of Fasteners and Related Industry Products