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Exhibition consultation:
Mr.Brian BAO
86-027 8421 8632
Exhibition consultation:
Mr. Edwin Qi
86-027- 8421 8662
QQ: 3368281709

AD Opportunity

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AD Opportunity

Enhance your profile by taking one or more of these marketing options
What options are still available?
Diamond: 20,000$; Platinum: 10,000$; Gold Sponsorship: 5,000$
Dinner Sponsor: 10,000$
Invite customers in the name of your company as the host of the dinner party, you can have a banquet speech, play videos and so on.
Standard booth 9㎡: 5,000$, including one delegate fee
Raw Space (at least 18㎡) : 500$/㎡, including two delegate fees
Presentations: 5,000$
You can give a speech for 30min, the PPT need to be reviewed by the organizing committee.
Cocktail or Coffee Break: 5,000$
Representative cards and Sling: 5,000$
Signature Wall: 3,000$